Monday, February 07, 2011

Slips, Snow, Squirrels and Spring?

Basically an uneventful weekend on first thought. We watched the varsity boy's team get beat Friday night and then watched a bunch more snow fall on Saturday on top of the 4-5 inches of ice on our driveway.  I literally have to get the engine going in the Saturn and you better hang on tight when we pull out of the's a huge bump getting out and going in! No use trying to get the ice up...the driveway is way too big and just not worth the time or my energy! 

So, I have a birdfeeder on our patio, that to be honest, gets very little bird action. So, Friday, when our first squirrel (we don't have any big trees so this is kinda new and exciting to have a squirrel around) was digging through the snow looking for seed, I had to snap a few picures!

It started by looking on the ground, then on the table, then here it saw the feed in the bottom but didn't quite know how to get it.  I happened to click the camera just as it was lurching towards the feeder.

I don't think it was satisfied left after a few minutes.

So, Saturday, when it came back and couldn't find any food, I decided to put some more feed in the feeder and some in a bowl for Mr. Squirrel.  The snow was falling heavily and I went outside and before I could get to the bottom of the steps, I was flat out on the ground.  The steps from the kitchen to the patio were one slick sheet of ice (duh!) and I fell hard.  I did a 180 as I was falling and fell where my chest actually hit the bottom step and then my headwhiplashed and hit the top step.  I was on my own 'cause Natalie was at practice and the boys were in Findlay watching Basketball and Dan was in his office (here) with headphones on.  ugghh..  I slowly got up and instantly knew I didn't hurt as hard as I was going to!

Needless to say, we got the squirrel some food, and it promptly sat there until it was almost covered in snow and ate for over 90 minutes straight! I took 3 advil and hoped for the best.  Of course, I was pretty sore yesterday and still feeling pretty tough today. 

As you can imagine, I'm pretty much done with Winter.  I don't ski or skate or like any other winter outdoor activites.  I dream in sunglasses with sunshine, beaches and lemonade. This weather is for the birds...or squirrels, I guess!

I did manage to find a little sunshine for inside, though.  Aldi's had theses primroses for 99 cents a week ago and Wow has it added some Spring to our kitchen! I had 10 minutes of fun playing the the dirt and transplanting these blooms into these quaint pots I bought years ago for $2 bucks and never used! No smell, but those pink, purple and yellow blooms have me thinking of seeds and gardens and planting and......yes, I realize I have 90 days to go.   :(

So, we'll just trudge along and hopefully the ice will melt soon, the snow will disappear and just a little sunshine will brighten our days until we can enjoy the real stuff soon!

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hahahahaha i love this!