Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Days...

Ok, it can be over. I've seen enough snow, swept up enough salt in the garage to melt 6 inches of snow every day for the next year and had the kids home too many days this week! The only bonus of a Friday snow day is that I have additional helpers for cleaning day. Andrew swept both sets of steps...Jonathan cleaned the bar area in the basement and Natalie cleaned the whole family room for me. I made chicken noodle soup and finished the rest of the first floor cleaning. Uggh. At least the snow melted off the driveway thanks to the twins doing some good shoveling of the biggest part of it The forecast is showing 52 degrees by Monday. Can we just go upward from there?

Basketball is over for the boys but Natalie will be sitting on the varsity bench for the rest of the girls' season. They play in the sectional finals tomorrow night. I'm hoping for another successful tournament run. Good Luck Girls!

Natalie was supposed to go today to take her drivers license test. Not! Now she has to wait another 6 appointment was next Thursday. She is not too happy about that right now! She was ready to go this morning...while it was still snowing and blowing. 

Next week I get both girls home at the same time!  Jenna and Lauren will be on Spring Break in the warm, sunny, happening town of Minster! I am looking forward to the whole family being together again for a few days. 

Have had a headache all day.  Finally took something a little stronger than Advil....maybe a hot bath with some Epsom Salts will help.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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