Monday, March 07, 2011

A "family" kind of weekend.

Yep, I'm keeping busy on the other blog.  Having so much fun, but it is a little work.  I'm having a hard time with some of my pictures.  The glare and angles and lighting in our house isn't the greatest,  and I'm really impatient with cameras.  I want to turn one on and "click", the picture is perfect.  Not happening

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So another busy weekend.  Lauren came home Friday night. House projects Saturday.  (I won't bore you with details!)

Girls BB district finals Saturday night in Van Wert. Way to go girls!  The boys also won sectionals!  Way to go guys! Let's keep it rolling...

2011 District Champs

  Jenna and Matt had his cousin's wedding in Dayton on Saturday. Hmmm... guess who caught the bouquet?

We put steaks on the grill last night and then played BuzzTime Trivia.  The boys won.  Major house rule broken.  Rule is "Girls Always Win".  Matt is just going to have to learn! So, after a sit-around-the-house-and-enjoy-each-other kind of Sunday, we are back to normal. Well, kind of.  I have three college students still in bed and 3 other kids off to school.  Track starts today, and the boys were excited, even though they started training a few weeks ago. Hope the weather keeps getting better.  This is the time of year that we always manage to get sick!

Well, the kitchen is calling...  Hope everyone has a great week. Spring is coming!

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