Wednesday, March 09, 2011


So, my kids definitely understand the meaning of Fat Tuesday. The twins came home from track practice obviously hungry yesterday.  I was almost finished with dinner and explained we would be eating in less than 15 minutes. Jonathan proceeds to open a yogurt.  Andrew was rummaging through the fridge. Then they both looked in the snack drawer.  After I yelled at Jon, he grumbled and poured a full glass of OJ.  All 7 of us sat down to roast beef, mashed potatoes & gravy, corn, buttery biscuits, and jello with fresh strawberries, and a large bowl of canteloupe! Within 30 minutes of finishing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen, we were sitting in the family room and Jonathan pulled out a bag of Dove Chocolate.  He finished them.  About an hour later, I see him with this ginormous bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream.  I finally asked him if he really didn't get enough for dinner (which I knew wasn't the case, as he had a double helping of everything, including 3 biscuits!) and said, "Mom, it's Fat Tuesday!!"
No Paczki's for us, but must admit, I also splurged a little last evening (and the night before too!)  I crushed some Heath Bars in vanilla ice cream added chocolate syrup and made my own Flurry. Yummmm! One of my favorites. So, I think between myself and Jonathan and anyone else who was on the same mission, cleared out all the chocolate in the house! Other than a few boxes of hidden girl scout cookies, we are good to go for today!

I always knew sooner or later I would really feel the effect of three "men" in the house, as far as eating goes, that is! Wow! it's happening. The girls were all good eaters, but also are not big snackers.  I think all the running really keeps them on a good eating regimen. The twins, until the last year, really didn't eat much.  Now, they are eating constantly and in major quantities.  Andrew has always been skinny.  But, he has been growing by leaps and bounds and is now eating like crazy.  He eats very healthy though.  If I cut up a big head of broccoli for dinner, he will eat over half of it.  His plate will be half green! Not kidding.  (I guess he eats Jon's half...Jon eats zero veggies!) We go through 12 cups of yogurt a day (sure wish I knew someone who  worked at Dannon) and a gallon of milk. I serve a fruit and vegetable (if not two) at every meal. Well, the bottom line is my grocery bill has doubled from a few years ago.  What would I do without Aldi's? Now, with track starting, there is even more pressure to make sure they get enough food and the right kind!

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